Practice Schedule:

Tuesday & Wednesday - Sideline Cheer Practice 

Thursday - Competition Cheer Practice Only  

Time:   6pm to 8pm


Tuesday - All Squads Outside @ City Fields

Wednesday - All Squads in Gym - Main Gym Glacier MS

Thursday - Competition Cheer in Gym - Main Gym Glacier MS



Make sure your cheerleader brings plenty of water. It is also important for all cheerleaders to wear comfortable, active-wear type clothing (t-shirts, tanks, bike shorts, yoga pants, etc) as we will be tumbling and stunting.  It is also imperative that all cheerleaders wear tennis shoes, have their hair in ponytails, wear deodorant if needed, and do not wear any jewelry or fake nails.   The weather is getting colder so please dress accordingly!


Younger Cheerleaders (7 and under) – parents, please make sure you stay at practice. The younger cheerleaders often need more bathroom breaks and we simply do not have enough coaches to interrupt practice to take them.  


Next game - September 16th!   Be sure to have your Fundraising Obligation met in order to participate in the next games of the Season!


1/2 Coach- Jessica Martin

3/4 Coach- Mindy Byrnes

5/6 Coaches- Melanie Mcnally and Carrie Crane

7/8 Coaches- Patricia Kurtz and Bri Mcmillen